Crosley Record Players: A Worthwhile Investment

Crosley Record Player


Before making its way into the world of audio products, Crosley was known for its mass production of automobiles and various other automobile-related products. However, when it did make its way into the world of record players, it was considered to be one of the most impressive moves taken by a titan in the industry at the time.

Powell Crosley Jr was the one who was responsible for founding the Crosley Radio Corporation. However, the company has gone through numerous changes in ownership, but it still stands firm as the producer of some of the best turntable and record players in the market today.

Before we move on to the task of narrowing down the list of the best Crosley record players and turntables, let us first discuss some of the aspects that make the record players the best in the market.


What Makes a Crosley Record Player So Special?

It Has an Easy-to-Use Design

When it comes to ease of access, a Crosley record player beats its competitors by a long shot. It is considered to be a plug-and-play kind of record player. All you need to do is open up the suitcase like a box, place the record on top of the platter, pop the arm into position, and the built-in speakers will kick in automatically as they start playing your favorite tunes on the push of a button.

Crosley Record Player

Its Uniqueness in Design

When you talk about trendy and retro record players, a Crosley record player is the first thing that comes to one’s mind. Their portability as well as their exquisite design only add to its value. The entire body of the Crosley record player is built inside of a business suitcase. This suitcase is available in various retro color combinations as well as materials, thus making it the talk of the town for decades now.

It Is Portable

Portability is one of the key features of a Crosley record player. The fact that the speakers are built into the record player makes it both portable and easily accessible. Most of these players act as a great addition to an already decorated vintage room. Since it is all neatly placed into a suitcase, you can carry it practically anywhere without having to worry about transportation problems.

Time to Pick and Choose Between Some of the Best Crosley Record Players

The number of Crosley record players available in the market today make it close to impossible to pick a favorite. Since all record players and turntables are supposed to have their own pros and cons, we have managed to narrow down the list to the top three choices, based on both their popularity and features.

In recent times, there have been a lot of disagreement about the quality and standards of the record players made by Crosley. However, it is important to understand that a high-end sound system cannot be compared to a low-end MP3 player. No matter what, there are some limitations that come with portability and price restrictions. Keeping that in mind, Crosley record players fair quite well in comparison to similar products available in the market today.

The top three turntables by their popularity, reliability, and affordability are mentioned below.

Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad USB Portable Turntable review

Since we started the article with the history of Crosley, it only seemed right that we first review the model that is as close to the original 1920s model as possible. The Nomad is considered one of the best when it comes to popularity. Although the turntables by Crosley are either loved or hated by audiophiles around the globe, this particular model is considered a personal favorite by most of its lovers.

The Nomad resembles the kind of record players that were found during the era of the great depression and the Second World War. In those times, music was considered to be the only break and source of hope for its people, giving the turntable a significant amount of history and sentimental value.

The simplicity of the turntable is what makes it unique. It can even be referred to as minimalistic. But don’t be fooled; while it may look minimalistic, the sound it provides is one of the purest you can find for the price. It is an accomplished product that is valued by most beginners and audiophiles alike.

The record players are found in three types depending on the function of the turntable itself: direct drive, belt drive and wheel drive. This particular model utilizes the belt drive mechanism. It produces sound quality at three different speeds like most record players: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPMs and nothing less than that. The price of the record player convinces even those audiophiles who feel unsure whether they should be getting into the business of collecting vinyl record players. Once they have the turntable, it only makes them want to have more.

Add the NP5 needle and a replaceable stylus to the plug-in feature of the turntable and it becomes almost too good to be true. It not only has an RCA output but also a headphone jack, an auxiliary output, and a USB port. Wrapped neatly inside an upholstery exterior that resembles a retro suitcase from the 90s and you have got yourself a trademark Crosley record player. But it does have its fair share of pros and cons and it would be irresponsible to ignore them.


  • A retro design to complement the warm sound of your favorite tunes
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • It comes with three different speed options at which the vinyl record is played effortlessly by the record player


  • A bit pricey considering it does not actually have the proper musical production tools
  • It has a greater weight as compared to other portable record players
  • Only comes in a retro design which may not be everyone’s cup of tea

Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable Turntable

Since the trademark of Crosley record players is their retro design, it only seemed fit that the second in the list of the best Crosley turntables is the Cruiser. While most Crosley lovers are considered to fall in love with the option above due to its imitation of the original 90s model and its history, there are a significant number of followers who want what Crosley is famous for, and that is its retro 1950s design.

A record player that not only gives the vibe of a 1950s design but is as close of an imitation of the real deal as possible is the Cruiser. This handsome turntable makes sure that you get the feel of a vintage record player without having to sacrifice a significant amount of money. However, that is not the only sacrifice it saves you from making; it also helps you avoid the loss of technological advantages that a vinyl record player may lack.

The dead on imitation along with its gorgeous body and colorful design will make you fall in love with the record player as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The clean lines and minimalistic touch exterior added to its locking mechanism and high power audio reproduction interior makes it a record player unlike any other on the market these days.

Furthermore, its nine different color combinations only add to its demand. The retro outlook of the turntable and its portability are some of its highest selling points. Similar to the first option on this list, this turntable also employs the advanced belt-driven mechanisms to power itself. However, instead of an NP5 needle system, this one makes use of the most advanced NP6 needle system to play the three different speeds of a vinyl record.

However, the turntable lacks the option of USB connectivity that most professional music players and DJs are looking for. It does make up for it in the authentic rich sound of a vinyl record. However, it is important to shed light on its pros and cons to help users make an informed decision.


  • An extremely vintage outlook for a Crosley turntable
  • Perfectly portable without the worry of damage
  • A compact design added to increased stability due to its suitcase exterior
  • A built-in preamplifier along with a dynamic range of stereo speakers
  • RCA output and a headphone jack


  • It is considered to be more expensive considering it is a portable speaker
  • Lack of USB port is a grave concern for some audiophiles
  • Its vintage design makes it less appealing as compared to other models by Crosley.

Crosley CR6019A-BR

Whenever you talk about a turntable that has become an image of turntables, you are probably referring to the Executive model of the Crosley turntables collection. The design is based on the ideology of how it would look if an executive would carry a turntable around, while its other models resemble the luggage of a retro audiophile. This particular model is designed to class it up a notch and provide the ideal record player for the executive world.

Crosley CR6019A-BR


Features of the Crosley CR6019A

The turntable does not just come with an RCA output or a headphone jack; it also has a USB port for all those looking for a more technologically advanced turntable. The suitcase appearance added to these amazing features make it ideal for office spaces and corporate parties. It offers all three of the speeds a vinyl record needs to be played on, specifically 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Furthermore, the record player has two built-in stereo speakers to enhance the sound quality of the record player.

Overall, we have discussed record players with amazing sound but a lack of USB connectivity and vice versa. However, this particular model has the best of both worlds. It has all the features of a retro vintage record player while having the features and sound of a modern one. As a result, this is one of the ideal choices in the list of Crosley record players. It does, however, have its fair share of pros and cons as discussed below.


  • The executive briefcase design makes it one of a kind in the world of turntables especially in Crosley’s collection
  • Enhanced portability makes it ideal for users who need to travel a lot
  • The presence of a preamplifier along with two stereo speakers add to its versatility
  • It comes with a USB port and RCA output along with a headphone jack
  • It can also be used to produce music


  • The options for music production are considerably basic in nature
  • The stereo speakers might not be ideal for vast spaces under certain situations
  • Requires a lot of maintenance


Conclusion of  the Crosley Record Player

After an extensive review of Crosley record players in the light of public opinion, their durability and their features, it is quite apparent why one would fall in love with a Crosley turntable. It brings enthusiasts exactly what they are looking for, which is a great experience at a competitive price. Most audiophiles do not really fall in love with turntables because of their sound quality; they fall in love with the idea of listening to music the way it was meant to be when it began.

They love to go back in time and listen to the warm sound of a vinyl record, the feel of a vintage exterior, and the look of a retro turntable. They go for the price that is considered ideal for starters. The feel and outlook of the turntables make Crosley such a popular choice since most modern turntables are packed with amazing features and sound quality but look like a tech fest. Considering we are surrounded by techy things everywhere, a break from that seems worthwhile and almost necessary. One can listen to and compose music on their laptops, MP3 players and smartphones alike, but the feel of a vintage turntable playing a vinyl record is irreplaceable.

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