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Music lovers turn nostalgic when they spot a Record Player placed in a room full of musical vibes. The magic of Turntables is still alive and it is all because of people like you. We are a part of you only. Started in April 2016 by Mirko, recordplayerreviews.org is for admirers of music and Turntables.

We are passionate about music and it flows in our blood. Though modern technology has shaped up the music industry and has given us newer and easier ways to enjoy it but the essence of Turntable is still alive in our hearts. This is an attempt to keep the magic alive by sharing our reviews and serving you with our product guides on Record Players. We will answer every “How to…” of yours when it comes to Record Players. Any doubts, queries or updates about Turntables will be posted here so that nothing hinders your Turntable experience. We will also guide you with what things you need to consider when buying a Turntable. All in all we are everything you would like to know about Record Players and Turntables. We are here to help!

With people loaded with gadgets around them, listening to music is usually restricted to these electronic devices. But true lovers of music understand what it means to own and operate a dedicated machine like a stylish Record Player to delve into the world of music. Here, you will come across like-minded people who still love to live in the era of Record Players and Turntables.

A small attempt to get you closer to, ‘those were the days…’


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